This month, at the Stream On event, Spotify showed off a redesigned app with discovery feeds like TikTok, an AI DJ, and other tools for artists and podcasters. But there may be more changes coming to the app.

The company confirmed that it is now testing a new version of its user profiles. The new version has a card-style layout that gives users a more social identity on the platform and makes it easy to use Spotify’s unique features, like personalized recommendations, Blend playlists, co-listening experiences, and more.

Chris Messina was the first to notice the changes. He took screenshots of the tests and shared them on Twitter. He pointed out that profiles had more cards and that the new layout told people to tap a button to “discover more features.”

Some Spotify users, though, said they’ve had the updated profiles for a while. But that’s only because the feature has been tested in real life in more than one market. Not all users have access to these profiles yet.

Spotify did not promise that everyone would be able to use the feature at any given time. Often, the company’s new ideas are tested in public and then changed based on how engaged users are and what they have to say before they are rolled out around the world. Or, sometimes, they are just thrown away. Still, this one is less likely to be removed because it fits well with Spotify’s new design, which puts more emphasis on discovery.

When asked about the new profiles, a company rep told TechCrunch, “We always do a number of tests.” “Some of these tests end up changing how our users feel, while others just teach us something important. “Right now, we don’t have anything else to say,” they said.

The new heading at the top of the screen, which looks more like something you’d see on a social network, is one change that stands out in this version of the user profiles. Right now, Spotify user profiles aren’t very detailed.

The person’s name and the number of people who follow them and people who follow them are shown above their playlists and recently played artists.

The new profiles, on the other hand, have more information about the person, like which Spotify plan they’re on, how long they’ve been a member, and where they’re from in general (like the U.S.). There’s also a button to follow them and another to make changes to their profile.

Spotify testing out TikTok-like music discovery feature

There’s also a fun feature that lets you, supposedly, put a “vibe” above your name to spice up your profile.

There are still places for your playlists and artists in the new profiles, but they now look like cards and have more interactive features next to them. For example, you can now click a button on your profile to make a new playlist, or you can use buttons next to each playlist to share it with other people. ‘

There are now buttons next to each artist’s name that let you follow them on Spotify. Before, you had to go to the artist’s profile to do this. This could be helpful if you went to someone else’s profile and found out about new artists through what they were doing.

Under “Discover more features” on the new profiles, users can find out about other things they can do on Spotify, like find live events, “like” more songs to get better recommendations, make Blends with friends, check out Spotify’s new audiobooks, and more.

At the bottom of the profiles, there is a message that says “View more cards.” This means that this space will get more than just playlists and recently played artists. But this feature isn’t finished yet. Messina told us that when users click on it, they’ll see a message that says “there’s nothing to see here yet” and that Spotify is “working on more content for you—coming soon.”

(Could we suggest adding suggestions for podcasts to this experience, please?)

These changes would make sense given that Spotify’s most recent app updates are all about making it easier to find new music. That is, instead of just showing a user’s basic information and activity, these redesigned profiles would let people explore more of what Spotify has to offer while also making it easier to find and enjoy new artists and music directly from someone else’s profile with fewer clicks.

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