One of the most annoying parts of Breath of the Wild will be fixed by a brand-new feature in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Nintendo just released new footage of the upcoming Zelda game in action, making people even more excited for the game’s release. Because of this, more exciting information about Link’s new abilities has also come to light.

Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma showed off new gameplay footage that showed Link using a wide range of new skills. Many of these are related to the crafting system in Tears of the Kingdom, which lets Link combine items to make weapons.

The vehicles shown for TOTK will also be made using a similar system. In the same way, the video showed that Link will be able to go back in time to stop moving objects. But another ability that had been shown briefly before was shown in detail. This ability seems like it was made to get around one of BOTW’s most time-consuming features.

TOTK’s Ascend Will Greatly Improve Climbing

Tears Of The Kingdom Can Keep BOTW Weapon Durability, On One Condition

With the new Ascend ability in Tears of the Kingdom, Link can rise up through the ceiling of any room and stand on top of it. This lets him climb buildings quickly and, as Mr. Aonuma pointed out, maybe even get out of cages. Also, one of the best ways to use Ascend is to climb cliffs much faster than in BOTW.

Link can do this by ducking into caves and using Ascend to move through the rock and soil above him. Even if it rains a lot, Ascend means that climbing won’t be annoying in TOTK. This makes Link’s Ascend ability a big, but definitely welcome, change to the way climbing works in BOTW.

Rain In TOTK Will Be Far Less Frustrating Than BOTW


When climbing in Breath of the Wild, rain can be very annoying, especially when the weather changes halfway up a very tall cliff. Link should slip when the water makes the cliff slick, but for players who are in a hurry, this is just a feature that can stop any progress.

Also, since it can rain for a long time, Link has to either wait it out or find a different way. But now, Ascend is helping Tears of the Kingdom fix this problem. Trailers show that this ability has been seen before, but it’s only now becoming clear how much time it can save.

All of Link’s new abilities that have been shown off are interesting, but Ascend’s use seems to have been made with how frustrating climbing is in Breath of the Wild in mind.

Ascend probably has more uses than have been shown so far, and Mr. Aonuma’s comment about cages is especially interesting. Still, being able to climb faster means being able to explore more quickly and better in TOOK, which is good news for many fans. Tears of the Kingdom is clearly building on BOTW’s huge success as much as possible by adding new game mechanics and making improvements to old ones.

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