Even if they are created by different manufacturers, many mice have identical forms and characteristics and rely on colour or sensor specifications to differentiate themselves. We took notice when Razer launched the Viper Mini Signature Edition (SE), a wireless mouse that appears like it forgot to put on clothes, today.

Razer describes the magnesium alloy chassis of the Viper Mini SE as a “exoskeleton.” The palm area of the mouse is covered with dark grey lines that create a web-like pattern and large, gaping holes. Razer employs an extreme version of the honeycomb design, which involves drilling holes into the chassis of a mouse to reduce its weight. However, the normal honeycomb mouse, such as the Glorious Model I, has a greater number of smaller holes, and the Viper Mini SE has holes so large that it appears you could stick your finger through them.

It'll be easy for dust to fall into those openings.


At first glance, I was apprehensive about the durability of the mouse. Despite Razer’s claims, I believe I am more likely to damage a mouse with 18 holes than one without. Large openings can also attract dust and debris, but mice with larger holes should be easier to clean with an air blower than mice with more, smaller openings.

Razer generously provides the mouse with a three-year warranty, which is one year longer than the company’s standard warranty for mice. We’ll be interested to see how the Viper Mini SE performs in reviews and over time, especially among power users like gamers who prefer to use their mice aggressively.

From a glass-half-full perspective, the cavernous mouse may help the hand on top of it to remain cool. With less contact between the user’s hand and the electronics and increased airflow, the user’s hands may become less clammy during long periods of intense use. However, Razer did not add a cooling fan in the mouse like Marsback’s Zephyr.

Large holes contribute to the Viper Mini SE being Razer’s lightest mouse. It weighs 1.73 ounces, which is approximately 30 percent lighter than the Viper Mini (2.15 ounces) with nearly identical dimensions and the same form factor. However, it is not the lightest mouse available. For instance, the MM720 from Cooler Master weighs 0.11 ounces, and Finalmouse has sold mice weighing as little as 1.48 ounces.

Razer's mouse uses a 2.4 GHz USB-A dongle.


With the weight reduction, it would have been wonderful if Razer had put buttons to the right side of the mouse, similar to the Razer Viper Ultimate.

Razer chose magnesium alloy for the mouse due to its optimal “strength-to-weight ratio.” It was stated that plastic with drilled holes was less durable and had minimal weight reduction in comparison. Titanium, despite being lighter, stronger, and more durable, had fabrication limitations. Finally, Razer was unable to create the Viper Mini SE from carbon fibre due to fabrication constraints and its heavier weight than plastic.

The mouse, according to Razer’s press release, is manufactured “using an exoskeleton that is injection-molded and then CNC-machined and polished. The exoskeleton shell is then passivated to reduce its corrosion susceptibility, after which it is painted and assembled. Each unit is meticulously inspected at each stage…”

The Razer Viper Mini SE is designed for gamers who desire a mouse that is as effortless to move as possible. However, a lightweight mouse with a high dots-per-inch (DPI) specification (up to 30,000 DPI in the case of the Viper Mini SE) can also appeal to users of increasingly high-resolution monitors and multi-screen setups, as well as those whose arm or hand tyre easily while mousing.

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