Joint Fire, a new event for Halo Infinite’s 2023 season, will focus around the game’s new Covert One Flag game variant.
343 Industries has announced that Halo: Infinite’s new Joint Fire event will begin on January 17th. The event rewards players with exclusive cosmetics based on the Covert One Flag gameplay.

The studio introduced the Joint Fire event with a short clip displaying one of the armour sets players may obtain by participating. The displayed armour, the JFO-armor from Halo: Reach, consists of multiple components, such as a visor, kneepads, and shoulder-pads.

The event’s game mode, Covert-One Flag, involves an attacker-defender arrangement in which one side must guard a flag while the other team attempts to grab it. What differentiates this new game, though, is that the defending team is equipped with continual threat sensors, whereas the attacking squad is equipped with constant camouflage.

Recently, Halo Infinite received its huge December update, which added several new features, including a custom game browser. The update also included various balancing adjustments. Since then, the company has also maintained that the Halo Infinite content strategy until 2023 remains unchanged.

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