The Perfect Mother will be accessible on Netflix in just a few days. Like Lies and Deceit or Anatomy of a Scandal, this is a must-see for everyone who enjoys the genre.

Adapted on a novel by Carol Noble and a screenplay by Thomas Boulle, Fred Garson directs The Perfect Mother, a French original series. It’s based on Nina Darnton’s novel of the same name, which was adapted for television.

When Helene learns that her daughter has been accused of murder, she sets out to clear her daughter’s name as quickly as possible. It wasn’t what Helene expected to discover, though, that has her questioning whether or not her daughter is truly innocent.

To learn more about the cast of a thriller series, just keep reading, since we’ve got the list right here for you!

The cast of The Perfect Mother

Helene Berg, the main character, is played by Julie Gayet. Gayet has been in a number of films, including 8 Times Up, Select Hotel, and The French Minister, which you may recognize.

Anya Berg, Helene’s daughter, is played by Eden Ducourant. A guy was stabbed to death by Anya, but Helene refuses to believe that she could have done it. In addition to her work on Totems and Little Tickles, Ducourant has appeared in a number of other films and television shows as well.

The Perfect Mother cast: Who’s in the Netflix show?

Tomer Sisley portrays Helene’s ex-boyfriend, Vincent Duc. Since Vincent is a lawyer, Helene asks him for aid in clearing her daughter’s identity. Were the Millers, Sleepless Night, and Don’t Look Up all included Sisley.

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Cast members are listed below from IMDb:

  • Playing Helene Berg in the film, Julie Gayet
  • In the role of Anya Berg, Eden Ducourant
  • Vincent Duc, played by Tomer Sisley
  • As Matthias Berg, Andreas Pietschmann portrays Andreas
  • Acting as Capt. Julien Mani, Capt. Cyril Gui
  • Franck is played by Sylvain Dieuaide.
  • Lukas Berg, played by Maxim Driesen, is a compelling character.
  • Mia is played by Emilia Noth.
  • starring Halima Ilter in the title role of Maryam
  • Hatik as a Bash.
  • The actress Ines Spiridonov takes on the role of Julie Gauthier in this scene.
  • Elisabeth Tirmont (Frederic Tirmont)
  • As La Psychologue, Clotilde Mollet takes the stage.
  • Claire Carnau is played by Vinciane Millereau.
  • In the role of Damien Carnau, Charles Crehange
  • Audrey Carnau is played by Eleonore Costes.
  • Kamal Mawasen is played by Julien Lopez.
  • Salahuddin Bala in the role of Mere de Farida

When and where can you see ‘The Perfect Mother’?

The eagerly awaited four-part thriller mini-series “The Perfect Mother” will debut on Netflix in the United States at 3.01 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on June 3, 2022.

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“The Perfect Mother” focuses on what, exactly?

The Perfect Mother cast: Who’s in the Netflix show?

This film is based on Nina Darnton’s novel of the same name and follows Helene Berg (Julie Gayet), a successful Berlin-based mother.

Her world is turned upside down when she receives a phone call from Anya, her daughter who has moved to Paris to pursue her studies. In a homicide investigation, Anya tells her mother that she is being investigated as a suspect.

Helene, certain of her daughter’s innocence throughout the scenario, goes to great lengths to save her. When Helene and Vincent (Tomer Sisley) are able to work together, they uncover a slew of new evidence that points to her daughter as a criminal during this period of time.

How would Helene feel if her daughter was not completely innocent in this?

As the boundary between victim and offender blurs, a devout mother, convinced of her daughter’s innocence in a crime, finds startling truths.

There will be four episodes of A Perfect Mother, a new TF1 miniseries that takes its cues from legal thrillers and family dramas to explore questions of society and the heroine, played by Julie Gayet, who learns that the world in which she raises her children is far more violent than it was thirty years ago.

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