IKEA has said that it will add a pair of new smart blinds to its smart home catalog in 2024. These blinds could be some of the best smart home gadgets of 2023.

Smart blinds help block sunlight just like regular blinds, but instead of having to physically pull them up and down, you can use your smart home hub or a remote to do it. This makes them great for windows that are hard to reach or for a home theater room where you can turn down the lights without getting up.

IKEA makes two types of smart blinds right now: the Fyrtur and the Kadrilj. The company told the German tech site SmartApfel that newer versions will be available next year. IKEA hasn’t said how these new models will be better than the ones that are already on the market or how much they’ll cost.

Based on the prices of similar products, we think the Fyrtur and Kadrilj will start at $120/£115 and £65 (around $89 each), but we’ll have to wait until next year to find out for sure.

If you want smart blinds right away and don’t want to wait, many of IKEA’s current Fyrtur and Kadrilj types are on sale in places where they are sold. Just go to IKEA.com and look for smart screens.

IKEA’s Smarter Than You Think

Two Smart Home Products From IKEA Will Be Updated in 2024.


Surprisingly good, IKEA‘s smart home line strikes a good mix between affordability and usefulness. This includes the smart home hub that it made that works with Matter as well as a number of other goods.

IKEA showed off its new, better Vindstryka smart monitor earlier this year. This cool product not only tracks your home’s temperature and humidity but also gives you useful information like the quality of the air with sensors for PM2.5 and TVOC.

The Vindstryka has a screen on the front so you can keep track of all this information. It can also connect to smart home hubs to trigger other devices automatically if readings reach a certain level, like turning on your smart dehumidifier or adjusting your smart thermostat if it gets too hot.

Also, IKEA’s Symfonisk audio products, which were made in partnership with Sonos, are great additions to your home’s sound system and can be managed by your smart devices, even though they aren’t smart speakers.

In our four-and-a-half-star Symfonisk Picture Frame Speaker review, we praised the gadget’s “perfect blend of design and performance,” and in our four-star Symfonisk Table Lamp Speaker review, we found that the “elegant” speaker had decent sound, though it’s not the best wireless speaker out there.

All of this means that the next time you want to upgrade your smart home, you should remember to check out IKEA as well as Amazon, Walmart, and other places you might think of when buying tech.

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