While viewing a creator’s biography on TikTok, you may have spotted the term ‘pinned’ next to specific films at the top of their page. However, what does this term actually mean?

The popularity of the short-form video app TikTok continues to increase daily, as millions of users rush to the platform to share and interact with content.

The app has become so popular that it has generated its own culture of memes, trends, references, and slang terminology, which can be particularly difficult for individuals who are just beginning to use the site.

While viewing the profiles of various producers around the app, you may have noticed the phrase ‘pinned’ associated with certain videos at the top of their profile. Additionally, you may have seen the word next to a video comment.

What Does ‘pinned’ Mean on Tik Tok?

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When you see ‘pinned’ next to a comment or video on TikTok, it indicates that a creator has actually ‘pinned’ it to the top of the website.

In the case of videos on a profile page, this is typically done so that certain videos don’t get lost amid the other updates. This might be a film offering significant information about the creator, or it could be a collection of their most popular posts.

They can also pin comments to their post, whether they want to highlight their favourite comment on the video or want to emphasise crucial information.

If you are perplexed by additional TikTok terms such as FYP, POV, crop, etc., this glossary might help.

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Pinning videos on TikTok

Videos that are pinned to the top of a creator’s profile and marked with the word “Pinned” in a red box at the top left are referred to as “pinned videos.”

This feature, which underwent extensive testing, allows users to pin up to three videos to the top row of their profile grid. It departs from the app’s regular chronological order to promote these particular videos for increased views.

The purpose of pinning videos on one’s profile is to draw further attention to these clips, either to gain more views on their already viral TikToks or to spread vital information about social concerns and the like.

This functionality is exclusive to the most recent app update. Once the application has been updated, a user must navigate to their profile and click the video they desire to pin. The user must then click the three dots that appear in the bottom right corner, followed by the Pin button.

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YouTube and Instagram have supported pinned comments for quite some time, and now TikTok has joined the trend.

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The pin comment feature on the short-video platform allows creators to pin a single comment to the top of their comment area, similar to the functionality of the feature on other apps.

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