On February 15, 2019, in the presence of prominent figures from the industry, the Pitch Madison Advertising Report 2023 was made public. This report is considered to be the most authoritative tracker of ad spends. At the event, there were also thought-provoking panel discussions and keynote speeches on pressing issues affecting the industry.

In a panel discussion titled “IPL: How should brands decide TV or digital?,” Anil Jayaraj, the Chief Executive Officer of Sports for Viacom18 Media, also contributed his thoughts on the most appropriate medium for the Indian Premier League.

He revealed that the broadcaster intends to make the Indian Premier League (IPL) available to anyone who possesses an internet connection and remove all barriers to participation. Jayaraj is quoted as having said, “We want to ensure that this time that there are absolutely no barriers, including those of affordability.

” We will make it possible for anyone who owns a device that connects to the internet to watch the Indian Premier League and give them the opportunity to do so for as long as they like. As a result, there is no limit of five minutes on how long a customer can enjoy it, and they can take as much time as they like.

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JioCinema will broadcast the Indian Premier League live for free in 2023.

JioCinema will broadcast the Indian Premier League live for free in 2023.
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According to what Jayaraj said to indiantelevision.com, “We will be doing 16 feeds across 12 languages.” “Additionally, we will offer one-of-a-kind experiences such as multicam. Advertisers adore it for a variety of different reasons despite the fact that the reasons are similar. Because of the scale that digital offers, the Indian Premier League will be bigger on digital than it will be on TV.”

“Advertisers adore digital marketing in general due to the fact that it enables them to select the audience that they wish to target. You can zero in on a specific person in Chennai who speaks a particular language, who falls within a particular age range, and who possesses a particular level of wealth. You can also have a call to action and measure your progress. Because of this, the market for digital advertising has been expanding at a very rapid rate.”

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Jayaraj emphasised that the intention behind making the content of IPL matches available to stream for free and providing multiple language feeds is to reach a larger audience and, in time, become the “largest aggregator of the audience ever seen.

” He stated that the free viewing experience would be evaluated after one season of their deal; however, for the time being, the idea is set to leave its imprint on IPL 2023. This would make it the first season of the league since the inaugural edition, which was aired on Youtube, to be available for streaming on free of charge.

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“We are working hard to establish a sports business in India that not only satisfies the needs of the Indian consumer but also attracts the greatest number of viewers. Through the use of the IPL, we are working to ensure that we can communicate with anyone who possesses a device that can connect to the internet.”

“At the very least for the duration of this year, we will not charge for the IPL. Our goal is to become India’s most successful audience aggregator the country has ever seen. Advertisers will have the ability to select the viewers that they wish to focus their efforts on “Jayaraj added.

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The Indian Premier League (IPL) digital streaming rights for the next five-year cycle, spanning 2023 to 2027, were sold to Viacom18 by the BCCI for the staggering price of 23,758 crores of Indian rupees (INR).

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