After three years, Apple devices might soon be able to play Fortnite again, thanks to new EU rules that will be in the next iOS 17. Check out the latest information about how this could make the lives of millions of iPhone games a lot more fun.

After Epic Games and Apple got into one of the worst fights in the history of video games, everyone who plays Fortnite probably wondered if and when the game would come back to iOS devices.

In 2020, Epic sued Apple Inc. because at the time, creators had to pay a platform fee for every in-game purchase made through the App Store.

Because of this, Fortnite’s virtual currency, V-Bucks, were more expensive than they are on PC and console versions of the game.

Epic Games wasn’t afraid to poke fun at Silicon Valley’s big tech companies every now and then, and the lawsuit got enough attention for Epic Games to lose the case in the end.

Before iOS 17, you could only play Fortnite through cloud gaming services like Nvidia’s GeForce NOW and XCloud. However, iOS 17 may bring back the game launcher. This makes it possible for players to get Epic Games Launcher and play the game on any iOS device they want.

New EU Regulations Might Allow iOS Users to Play Fortnite Once Again

Recent sources say that iOS 17 for Apple’s iPhone and iPad will be released later this year. In accordance with EU law, users will be able to sideload apps that aren’t currently available in the App Store.

Since no similar rule has been set up for the U.S. market, this would only apply to iPhone and iPad buyers in the EU. Also, a user called DuckyTheGamer tweeted the news, explaining why players may be able to play Fortnite again on Apple devices.

Users will supposedly be able to sideload apps like Google Play Services or Epic Games Launcher, which host a number of other apps that can only be accessed through the hosted apps.

Once this happens, players can use the Epic Games launcher to get the latest Fortnite update and play the game at the best resolution possible for their device.

iPhone gamers are already looking forward to iOS 17, and rumors that it will come out in September just make them more excited. We’ll let you know if we hear anything new about this chance as players continue to talk about it.

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