Google announced Fast Pair for Chromebooks officially in January 2022, and ChromeOS 111 is now rolling out.

Fast Pair was introduced for mobile devices in 2017, and sync capabilities were added the following year. Chromebooks were expected to receive it in 2019, but that deadline has passed. ChromeOS was officially announced at CES 2022. It was expected to arrive last year, and we received a status update at the end of last month.

  • If the device is new to your Chromebook: Once your Fast Pair device is detected, click Connect.
  • If the device is connected previously to the Chromebook: Your Fast Pair device connects automatically.

On your Chromebook, you will see a notification titled “Connect Pixel Buds Pro” with an image and the text “Your Pixel Buds Pro will appear on devices associated with [email address]” This emulates the Android experience by providing a “Connect” button that allows you to proceed. After pairing, a pill-shaped “Pixel Buds Pro connected” notification will appear in the lower-right corner.

Google states that as of ChromeOS 111, Fast Pair is “designed to work with supported Bluetooth audio devices and Chromebooks that support background scanning.”

On the Bluetooth settings page, a list of “Devices saved to your account” is displayed. This includes both smartwatches and headphones. However, “Devices saved to your account are not accessible via Quick Settings.” There is also a new toggle for “Scan for new devices: Connect and quickly set up Fast Pair devices nearby.”

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