There are always new investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. It’s tough to tell which new projects will succeed and which will fail because there are so many of them being released every month.

There are a few projects, such as Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) and Neo (NEO), that have proven their worth in the market and continue to provide excellent returns. While Neo (NEO) has gained 25.34% over the past 30 days, the price of Orbeon Protocol (XRP) has increased by over 1400% during its presale.

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Stage 4 pre-sale for the Orbeon Protocol ends in one week.

Stage 4 pre-sale for the Orbeon Protocol ends in one week.

When compared to other cryptocurrency presales, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) stands out as a promising Web 3.0 project. In spite of three months of steadily rising prices, the project’s initial phase of presales was completely sold out in a single week.

Orbeon Protocol is currently trading at $0.06, but analysts predict it has the potential to reach highs of $0.24 and even more after its presale. To set itself apart, the project has implemented the following.

Orbeon Protocol is pioneering the application of DeFi technology to the crowdfunding industry. At present, only about 5% of startups receive funding from venture capitalists, so the crowdfunding market is essentially at capacity.

By offering NFTs backed by equity to regular people, the Orbeon Protocol serves as a springboard for startups to gain funding. To avoid giving up too much control to any one investor, startups can now issue non-fungible tokens (NFTs) instead of selling outright to them.

All businesses must pass a rigorous vetting process to ensure that investors are protected from bad startups. Orbeon Protocols’ “Fill or Kill” mechanism ensures investors are protected if a business makes it through this process but fails to raise the necessary capital within a specified time frame.

Sales of the ORBN token, issued by Orbeon Protocols, have been incredibly fast since stage five of the presale began. Investors are scrambling to buy into Orbeon Protocol as quickly as they can, as only 40% of the total ORBN supply has been made available to the public. Bonuses for ORBN holders include increased staking rewards, trading discounts across the Orbeon Protocol ecosystem, entry to private investor groups, and more.

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After a Price Increase, Neo Ignites Investor Interest

After a Price Increase, Neo Ignites Investor Interest

DeFi (Decentralized Financial Intermediary) is a software network built for developers to create decentralised products and services, and Neo (NEO) is one such network. It is functionally equivalent to Ethereum, and its success in the Chinese market has earned it the moniker “Ethereum of China.”

Neo (NEO) provides not only the standard fare of market forecasts and social networks, but also decentralised file storage, identity systems, and an oracle system that delivers information from the outside world.

NEO is used for governance and voting on the Neo (NEO) blockchain, while GAS is used to pay for computing power on the network. Neo uses an official blog, updating it frequently, to keep investors informed of cryptocurrency and the platform.

At its current price of $7.75, NEO has seen its first significant price increase since the project’s launch in July 2022, a gain of 25.34 percent from the previous month. This has generated a lot of interest in Neo (NEO), with some analysts predicting that the cryptocurrency’s price will rise to its all-time high of $198.38 this year.


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