As of the Galaxy S23 line, Samsung has implemented a feature called “Pause USB Power Delivery,” which allows phones to draw power from a charger without having the battery itself charged. Thankfully, it appears that more Galaxy devices will soon support bypass charging.

Based on reports from SamMobile and NLTech, devices such as the Galaxy A73 5G and the Galaxy Z Fold 2 or better now have access to the Pause USB Power Delivery option (located in the Game Booster app). Social media users, however, pointed out that other devices, such as the Galaxy A33 5G and the Galaxy Tab S8, also support the feature.

You’ll need a USB PD PPS charger (FragmentedChicken says their 25W and 33W chargers both worked), as well as the Game Weapon system and Fast Charging settings turned on, as well as a guide posted by the user. According to SamMobile, you’ll need the Game Booster app, and it requires version

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From here on out, the procedure is straightforward:

From here on out, the procedure is straightforward:
  • Just connect your phone to the proper charger.
  • Start up a game.
  • Click the Game Booster icon in the system tray to activate it.
  • The USB power delivery can be temporarily stopped by activating the pause option.
  • Step four and still no luck finding this option on your phone? Then you’re either out of luck or will need to wait for a system update.

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Reasons why bypass charging is important

In particular, bypass charging is helpful because it allows users to avoid the heat produced by charging the battery, allowing for enhanced performance in games and other power-hungry activities (e.g. recording high-resolution video).

Another benefit of bypass charging over regular charging is that the battery isn’t being charged continuously while you play games. Of course, continuous charging accelerates battery decay.

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However, other companies including Asus and Sony have had bypass charging for quite some time, so Samsung isn’t the first to implement it. We’re glad Samsung included it anyway, though.

The YouTube channel NL Tech claims that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has a setting called “Pause the USB Power Delivery” in the game launcher menu that prevents the phone from charging when it is connected to a Power Delivery charger. As a result, the phone won’t get as hot while you play, so you can focus on the action instead of the temperature.

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An additional perk is that, since the battery isn’t being constantly charged, its lifespan may be extended. This mode does have some requirements, the most important being that the phone’s battery must be at least 20 percent full. The benefits to the user and the phone, however, make this a minor concern.

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