Gunsmith Part 1: Check Out The Easiest Way To Complete The Gunsmith Part 1!

Gunsmith Part 1

Ever since its release in 2016, Escape From Tarkov has caused a stir in the shooter community. The hardcore shooter, developed by Battlestate Games, calls for players to enter this shoot-and-loot conflict with tact and patience.

Tarkov offers a variety of missions, including the Gunsmith quests, for players to do along the route.

What is Gunsmith Part 1?

The Gunsmith Part 1 mission is accessible as soon as you reach Level 2 in Escape From Tarkov. Neither the flea market nor LL2 traders are required to finish this portion of the Gunsmith quest.

You’ll receive the Gunsmith Part 1 task from the mechanic. His conversation is as follows, courtesy of the Tarkov Wiki:

Good day, mercenary. Mechanic, that’s me. Did you wish to lend a hand? Let’s get right to it. Today’s workload is quite heavy. The PLC100 programming unit has broken, and there isn’t much time left.

Those weapons orders, too… Here is the reason I’m telling you this, though. I’ll need some assistance because I modify and create a variety of firearms for my customers.

I won’t have time to put together an MP-133 myself, and I don’t have the components either, therefore I need you to do it. This firearm ought to have more than 47 ergonomics, a laser designator, an extended magazine, and a recoil sum of no more than 850.

And little, with no more than four spots. Build one for me so we can discuss future projects.

Once you accept the task, your objective is to obtain an MP-133 weapon and two additional components to upgrade it with.

Once you’ve done this, give in your quest (along with the rifle) and celebrate since the mission is now finished.

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Regarding all of the Gunsmith quests, there are four things you should be aware of:

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How to Finish the Gunsmith Part 1

This is the only Gunsmith mission that can be completed without the aid of LL2 traders or the flea market, as was previously mentioned. Use these if they are available to you in your Escape From Tarkov game! Once you’ve agreed to the quest, you’ll require these three items:


The Mechanic will ask you to alter this particular weapon. He will sell you the weapon for a screwdriver and two exceptional pliers in exchange for them. If you don’t have these, we advise plundering Woods or Shoreline to acquire them.

Blue Laser LAM-Module NcSTAR Tactical

Skier will sell this item at loyalty level 2. Alternately, you’ll have to search for this item during a raid.

MP-133/153 Polymer Pistol Grip

Jaeger will offer this product for purchase at Loyalty Level 1. Alternately, you’ll have to search for this item during a raid.

Detailed Specifications

The MP-133 must, overall, meet the requirements listed below in order for the Mechanic to accept it after these additions.

The pistol grip and laser must be added to the MP-133 in place of the stock once you have all three pieces. Then you can return the firearm and claim your rewards.

Building the Shotgun

To Finish Putting the Shotgun Together for Trading

Now that you have everything in place, you may sell the Trijicon RMR back to Mechanic or turn the shotgun into Mechanic along with it.

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Incentives for Gunsmith Part 1

You receive a total of when you complete Gunsmith part 1.

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