In Dead Island 2, you can get a lot of different tools to help you kill zombies in the post-apocalyptic city of Los Angeles, which is now called Hell-A. You can find these tools by looking around in the game and doing challenges or quests. Fool’s Gold is a side quest in Dead Island 2 that will give you an awesome tool when you finish it. Here’s how to do it.

Fool’s Gold: How to Finish It in Dead Island 2

dead island 2 how to complete fool's gold

There are a lot of different side quests in Dead Island 2 that players can do to get prizes and experience points.

The Lost and Found job type includes Fool’s Gold. You have to find a set of hints and then go to the place they point to. You have to kill a zombie named Dante at Lifeguard HQ before you can start this quest.

After you kill Dante, he will drop a note, which will start the quest for Fool’s Gold when you pick it up. On the same note, it says that the next clue will be inside a box. You can also find this locker in the Lifeguard HQ.

First, go through the gate next to the Yellow car. Then go to the right until you see a small hallway on the right. At the end of that tunnel, there is a locker where you can find the next clue.

The hints will tell you that the next pieces of information are “near some ice cream by the wheel” and “frozen yogurt down the alley by the stores.” “Ice Cream by the Wheel” takes place at the pier’s circus. Go on the Ferris Wheel and then follow the blue fence until you find Randy’s phone on a bench.

Luigi’s Pizzeria is on the north side of the map. The frozen yogurt shop described in the clue is in an alley to the left of this pizza place. Go down the alley, and on the left side of the store, you will find Dante’s phone. Once you have both of the clues, you will know where the Safe is hidden.

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