When Apple releases iOS 17, it may have more features than was expected. Some of the most-requested features are reportedly being considered for the release.

Every year, Apple updates iOS with new features and big changes, as well as smaller changes that fix bugs and make the system run better overall. Before, people thought that iOS 17 might focus more on the second half of the equation, but now it looks like Apple is shifting its attention a bit.

Mark Gurman wrote in his “Power On” newsletter for Bloomberg that iOS 17 was meant to fix bugs and improve performance. The goal was to avoid problems like those that happened with iOS 16. That release was ambitious, but “missed deadlines and a buggy start” slowed it down.

But Gurman now says that late in the development process, “the strategy changed,” and that the release will include several “nice to have” features. Under the code name “Dawn,” these features are a way to add “several of the most-requested features” to the game.

Gurman doesn’t say what the features are, but he knows that iOS 17 won’t have a “tentpole improvement” like iOS 16’s new lock screen.

So far, there haven’t been many rumors about iOS 17’s features, which is to be expected for a bug-fixing and performance-improving update. But a vague rumor from October 2022 said that iMessage would soon get a “new home,” chat rooms, and augmented reality chat features.

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