It is not a good moment to purchase a MacBook Pro. The generally dependable and approachable Apple has thrown the market for professional macOS notebooks into disarray, so undermining its own industry. What has become of Tim Cook’s flagship product line?

Sunday, January 14th is the date of the most recent update. Mark Gurman identifies one of the most significant flaws with the forthcoming MacBook Pro hardware from Apple. Apple will overturn a decade of explanations for why the Mac platform has neglected the pervasiveness and utility of touchscreens with the introduction of touchscreens in upcoming models.

“…Apple mocked firms like Microsoft Corp. for combining laptops and tablets, introduced duds like the Touch Bar, argued that macOS wouldn’t provide a pleasant touch experience, and derided the strategy as “ergonomic catastrophe”:”

As Apple brings apps from its various operating systems closer together – most notably iPadOS apps to macOS – this obstinate attitude must change, not least because using touch-based apps on any of the present macOS computers is, at best, awkward and, in many cases, painful.

However, this is not the only difficulty delaying the release of Macs.

Apple's New iPhone 13 Available In Stores


Where are the MacBook Pro notebooks of the next generation? The community excitedly anticipated the arrival of M2 Pro and M2 Max-powered laptops in the fourth quarter of 2022. Apple did not release any new Macs in the last quarter of the year, marking the first time in over two decades that this has not occurred.

As previously explained, the 13-inch MacBook Pro is just a MacBook Air with an entry-level processor and an active cooling fan to provide marginally more performance. This is not what many, including myself, would expect from a professional-grade MacBook Pro.

The non-arrival in 2022 is compounded by reports of even more delays in 2023, with the laptops not likely to be announced until the summer, followed by a further delay before they are made available for purchase.

It seems improbable that there will be a major performance boost? The switch from Intel to Apple Silicon resulted in an immediate increase in power and potential, but the MacBook Air’s upgrade from Apple Silicon’s M1 to M2 chipsets was less impressive.

According to reports, the performance enhancements for the M2 Pro over the M1 Pro are “modest.” There are rumours that Apple will continue using the 5nm process for its silicon rather than transitioning to the 3nm process and gaining all of the benefits that the latter would give.

Apple New MacBook Pro

Apple intends to equip future MacBooks with a touchscreen, around fourteen years after Microsoft introduced this feature to mainstream Windows computers. This would be a radical shift in Apple’s approach to mobile computing, but it appears likely as Tim Cook and his team attempt to bring the Mac and iPad platforms closer together in terms of software and hardware. These MacBooks would become the most popular laptops in the lineup, which, while not completely Osbourne-izing the rest of the lineup, would lessen the influence of the laptops with standard displays.

Those who anticipated the new MacBook Pro computers to come on a date that Apple permits the community to approve were disappointed. Those wishing to upgrade – whether to new hardware or to the Apple Silicon platform – will have to wait for the release of laptops designed for professionals. And anyone desiring the convenience and utility given by a touchscreen will be hesitant to purchase a new Apple laptop until the long-established technology finally arrives on the platform.

Tim Cook and his colleagues expanded on the popularity of the Apple Silicon debut when they introduced the M2 family at the Worldwide Developer Conference in 2022. Since then, there have been delays, poor communication, and leaked features that have the potential to negatively impact short-term sales.

In 2023, the MacBook Pro platform is neither reliable nor certain.

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