Currently, the price of the Apple iPhone 13 is significantly cheaper. Announcing sales, exchange, and bank offers over the phone are e-commerce portals like Amazon and Flipkart. Additionally, there are some exciting deals for the iPhone in the Apple Store.

You’re looking for the finest place to buy an iPhone 13; where is it available? Amazon, Flipkart, or the Apple Store? Check out the information about the price reduction for the iPhone 13 here. But first, it should be noted that the base model of the phone, with 128GB of storage, is now available for Rs. 66900 on Amazon, Rs. 66990 on Flipkart, and Rs. 69990 (retail price) on Apple Store.

1. iPhone 13 Price Drop on Amazon

At a discounted price of Rs. 66900 on Amazon, the 128GB version of the iPhone 13 is offered in practically all color variants. If you compare this to the phone’s retail price, you may expect to save Rs. 3000.iPhone 13 price drop on Flipkart and Amazon India, check best offers here - Daily

With the aid of the exchange offer, you will be able to lower the phone’s cost even more. You can receive a phone exchange bonus of up to Rs. 14050 more. In addition to bank offers on the device, the e-commerce website also provides them.

2. iPhone 13 Price Drop On Flipkart

A 4 percent discount is offered on Flipkart for Rs. 66990 on the iPhone 13 (128GB storage option). You can further reduce the price of the phone while exchanging it by up to Rs. 18500. Any old smartphone that is still functional will do. Numerous bank offers are also made available over the phone, much like Amazon. Furthermore, the secured packaging price on Flipkart is Rs. 29.

iPhone 13 Price Drops by Rs. 10000 on Amazon and Flipkart; Get cashback and discounts

3. iPhone 13 Price Drop on Apple Store

The iPhone 13 is available there for Rs. 69900 if you wish to purchase one from the Apple Store. However, if you choose to trade in, you might receive an additional discount of between Rs. 2200 and Rs. 58730. Checking how much your old smartphone is worth as a trade-in is all that is required.

4. iPhone 13: Amazon vs Flipkart vs Apple Store

Apple iPhone 13, iPhone 12 price cut: Amazon vs Flipkart, know where to get the best deal | Mobile News

The iPhone 13 can be purchased on Amazon and Flipkart for nearly the same price after discounts. In contrast, there are no phone discounts available at the Apple Store. Comparing Flipkart and Amazon, the latter is offering a greater discount on the item for exchange. In addition, the trade-in option can save you between Rs. 2200 and Rs. 58730 if you want to purchase the phone from the Apple Store.

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