I met my hubby on Tinder. By the time I matched with him, I had been on the app for a few months, been on a variety of dates with men, and had much-needed clarity about what I desired.

My future husband’s bio contained only one photo, his first name, age, and place of employment, but nothing else. Tinder profiles matter, especially for men seeking women, so it’s hilarious that he only needed a few words to catch my attention.

Since meeting and marrying my partner through Tinder, I’ve been repeatedly asked, “How did you do it?” Since Tinder is a vast haystack that you must sift through, I figured it was time to publish a comprehensive guide to writing Tinder bios.

Men are statistically more inclined to determine whether to swipe left or right based only on a woman’s photos. The majority of male Tinder users never read a woman’s profile, according to a poll of over 130,000 male users. Men are frequently less choosy than women when it comes to dating. Some men surveyed stated they swiped right on every lady to see if there was a potential match.

In contrast, women are far more selective. Before deciding whether to swipe right or left, they are more likely to look at both the photographs and the bios, making the bio significantly more crucial for men seeking women than for women seeking men.

Tinder is an app that just allows you to upload photographs and create a bio, therefore it’s up to you to make your bio stand out.

What You Should Include in Your Tinder Bio

You have some room to complete, and how you fill it is totally up to you, but here are some guidelines to follow to ensure that your bio always stands out:

1. Stick to 500 Characters or Less.

This is your chance to communicate more with less words. Focus on your principles and priorities, as well as your desires and preferences. You don’t want to create a dating manifesto, but you also want to provide them with more than a single statement.

2. Try to Be Funny.

You must stand out, and one method to accomplish it is by penning a few humorous sentences that nevertheless demonstrate your personality. You are free to express yourself anyway you like, and a wonderful way to begin is by demonstrating that you don’t take yourself too seriously.

3. Say What You’re Looking For.

Since you may not want to match with men or women who aren’t interested in whatever you’re interested in, you can specify this in your profile. Keep in mind that they may not even read your profile, but at least you will have communicated effectively.

If you’re seeking for something more serious, it’s preferable to state something like, “Not here for hookups, looking for dates, or dates that could lead to something more.” These remarks are simple and concise, and they do not imply that you will want to get married on the second date.

Also indicate your interest in something less formal! “Not interested in anything serious, merely seeking a hookup” and similar phrases are evident.

If you have no idea what you’re looking for, you’re at least being truthful if you admit it.

4. Include Your Height.

Some men and women are extremely particular about the heights of their partners. Some guys find only short women attractive, but others like tall women. Some women like taller men, while others are indifferent. If you put your height in your profile, you will again assist in limiting your matches to those who are looking for someone just like you.

5. Be Honest.

Despite the fact that online dating may make you feel like you don’t have to be truthful, you should be if you’re looking for more than a casual hookup. Clarify who you are, what you desire, and what you enjoy.

6. Check Your Spelling and Grammar.

Grammar snobs like myself will automatically swipe left if a profile has improper grammar.

Almost everyone uses Tinder, including physicians, lawyers, professors, and other professionals with advanced degrees. If you want to attract an attractive, intelligent guy or woman, you must ensure that your bio does not immediately exclude you.

Grammarly is a free browser extension that detects grammatical, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. Grammarcheck is another free website that does the similar function without requiring the installation of an extension. You can copy and paste your Tinder bio into the field and it will validate it for you.

Once you’ve had your grammar, spelling, and punctuation reviewed, you can copy and paste the final version into your Tinder profile with confidence that it will not prevent you from matching with someone with a high level of education!

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