According to complaints from a growing number of Microsoft customers, Outlook inboxes have been swamped with spam emails for the past nine hours due to malfunctioning email spam filters.

Several Outlook users have complained (on social media platforms and the Microsoft Community’s website) that all messages were landing in their inboxes, even those that had previously been identified as spam and sent to the junk folder.

“I have received 36 spam emails in my mailbox over the past two hours. That has been occurring for far too long, and it continues to worsen by the hour “one user wrote.

“Seems to have began between 10 p.m. and midnight Eastern time (I received a successful junk mail at 10:04 p.m. and the first inbox junk mail at 12:17 a.m.),” an additional user explained.

Some claim that selecting “Only trust email from addresses in my Safe Senders and domains list and Safe mailing lists” in Junk Mail > Filters does not resolve this issue, indicating that the webmail service’s filtering is entirely flawed.

Despite a steady flow of consumer complaints, the Office service status page indicates that “everything is operational.”

Microsoft has not yet issued a public comment verifying Outlook customers’ claims that malfunctioning spam filters exist.

While the Outlook spam filtering issue appears to be particularly severe and affecting a large number of users today, this has been occurring for months, with some users reporting receiving several spam emails in their inboxes as far back as November 2021.

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