According to the Reddit status page and users who have attempted to use the social media platform, there is an outage that is affecting both its website and mobile app. Since at least 12:18 PM PDT, Reddit has been unavailable.

An internal systems problem has been found by the company, and a fix has been identified but “may take some time to deploy,” the company said. Around 2:43 PDT, the fix was discovered.

The reason for the outage and how long it will take to fix were not disclosed to TechCrunch by a Reddit official.

About 60,000 users have reported problems with the platform on Downdetector, and other TechCrunch reporters have confirmed issues loading Reddit.

No content loads on the webpage, and a pop-up window appears saying, “Sorry, we couldn’t load posts for this page.” Although no comments will load on the iOS app, content that was downloaded some hours ago still appears.

Is Reddit Down?

Reddit is operational at the time of writing with no known difficulties. The website appears to be operating normally; there are no outages, and users can log in without any issues. The Reddit app for IOS and Android devices is the same. Reddit is not currently unavailable, so no. Reddit may go offline for a variety of reasons, though. Reddit, for instance, might go offline as a result of a DDoS attack on the website. Temporary problems could also be brought on by server outages. Certain significant improvements can necessitate maintenance for a few hours, which will also cause downtimes. We will make sure to swiftly update our guide with the most recent information regarding any current Reddit outage.

How to Check Reddit Server Status Right Now?

The official Reddit Status page is the best source to check the most recent Reddit status. There, you can see exactly when problems started and what the most likely cause of the problem was. Down Detector is another excellent resource to see if Reddit is now unavailable. This website is great since users can immediately report concerns and the kinds of troubles they are having with Reddit. Finally, you can always return here to check the Reddit status on our website. As we’ve already stated, we’ll make an effort to periodically update this guide and provide the most recent details on any active Reddit outages.

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