Since its debut in 2017, Overlord has been able to hold the attention of viewers. With a dedicated fanbase and four successful seasons under its belt, the show is gearing up for an exciting fifth season. Fans of the show have been wondering if there will be an Overlord Season 5 for a while now.

Kugane Maruyama and so-bin created the artwork for their dark fantasy novel Overlord. When the servers for the popular online game YGGDRASIL go down, Ainz Ooal Gown (then known as Momonga) finds himself transported there. Momonga sets out on an adventure to discover what happened.

After four riveting seasons, the question of whether or not the legendary Ainz Ooal Gown will achieve his goal of complete dominance over Yggdrasil’s world still remains unanswered. Will anyone be able to prevent it from happening before he is unstoppable? Without a Season 5 of Overlord, we may never find out.

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Will Season 5 of overload release?

No official word on Season 5 of Overlord has been released as of yet. No official announcement has been made by its creators, despite widespread speculation; this leaves viewers wondering what might be in store for them next.

In the season four finale of Overlord, Renner’s demon form was shown for the first time. At Renner’s urging, Climb also promises to be eternally devoted to Ainz as a demon. Renner is praised by Albedo, who reveals that she intentionally sacrificed Re-Estize to Ainz in exchange for immortality.

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Renner, displaying her true, twisted self, gets ready to make Climb immortal before making love with him, overjoyed that they can now be together forever. When Albedo visits Phillip, he shows him the heads of his friends who were killed. Then, after claiming that Albedo’s dead father begged him to kill Phillip for his part in bringing down the kingdom with his own greed and foolishness, Albedo begins torturing Phillip to death. The nobleman Marquis Raeven and Ainz finally meet.

According to the plot, there might be Overlord Season 5 but it will take some time to be declared. After the release of the sequel film, hopefully an announcement about Season 5 of Overlord will be made. According to Anime Next Season as of January 2023, the Overlord light novel is still ongoing. The author Kugane Maruyama has stated that volume 18 will be the final installment.

While nothing has been confirmed just yet, it seems likely given the availability of source material through volume 18. Since we haven’t heard anything about Season 5 of Overlord yet, let’s cross our fingers and hope for the return of this beloved fantasy anime. Seasons 1-4 of Overlord are available to watch right now on Disney+ Hostar.

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