Another day, is another example of a toxic fandom that sends hate where it shouldn’t go. Surprisingly, it seems to be aimed at a woman and is trying to get her off the internet for good.

This time, it’s Lily Gao, who played Ada Wong in the new, well-liked remake of Resident Evil 4. Some people didn’t like her performance, but that turned into people going to her Instagram to harass her, so she deleted or hid all of her posts on the platform except for one from 2020 that was about the role of privilege in society.

There is a fair way to criticize one particular performance in any form of media (and many people liked Gao as Wong! ), but the internet crosses lines quickly and easily, and even a vocal minority of fans in a big series like Resident Evil is more than enough to make a lot of hateful comments about a person.


Now, after the harassment and Gao’s retreat, people are trying to support her and let her know she did a good job. This is the other side of what happened.

They are also finding old interviews that show how happy she was to play Ada Wong in the game.

Gao also played Ada Wong in the live-action Resident Evil movie Welcome to Raccoon City, which came out in 2021. Wong was also rumored to be in future seasons of Resident Evil on Netflix, but the show was canceled before that could happen. It looks like Capcom liked her in the movie so much that they had her do the voice work and acting for the game as well.

Resident Evil 4 Remake : Lily Gao, Ada Wong's new voice actress is being harassed : r/PS5

This is, of course, a very sad thing to hear. No one deserves to be harassed like this, but this happens way too often with certain games and fandoms. This has definitely happened before in Resident Evil.

I hope Gao can come back and keep acting and doing voice work. I also hope that this hasn’t turned her off to the whole idea. But after what has happened lately, it would make perfect sense for her to need some time away from the internet. People who are bothering her definitely do.

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