Google staff described last week’s sloppy launch of Google Bard as rushed and mismanaged. Microsoft is exerting tremendous pressure on Google.

After a hasty introduction of Bard, Google CEO Sundar Pichai is attempting to rebuild confidence in its ChatGPT competitor, at least among employees. Pichai states in an email obtained by CNBC that employees must test the AI-powered chatbot as ChatGPT’s popularity and revenue possibilities continue to expand significantly. The email was sent one week after Google debuted its own artificial intelligence chatbot, Bard, which provided an inaccurate response during the presentation. As a result of the demonstration, Google’s stock price dropped significantly, leaving Google’s stakeholders and investors panicked.

Pichai has also requested that employees devote two to four hours to improving Bard’s technology. According to reports, the corporation will offer a detailed strategy next week. He reminded employees that Google has not always been the first to introduce a product, but it has not hindered the company’s success.

In the company-wide email, Pichai reportedly referred to the problem with Bard’s launch as “uncomfortably exciting.” The letter further states, “I’m aware that this moment is uncomfortably thrilling, but that’s to be expected: the underlying technology is fast improving and possesses so much promise… Some of our most profitable items were not market pioneers. They acquired traction because they addressed crucial user demands and were founded on profound technical knowledge.”

Google was referring to its dominant search market position. Many search engines existed in the early 2000s, but Google today controls 90 percent of the industry. It is also not the creator of Android, despite having acquired it early on. Blackberry and Nokia proprietary OS (operating systems) dominated the industry at the time, but today, Android has the greatest mobile OS market share.

Pichai apparently remained positive in the email, stating that AI has “seen many winters and springs” and that “the most important thing we can do right now is to focus on making a great product and developing it responsibly.”

Google staff described last week’s sloppy launch of Google Bard as rushed and mismanaged. Microsoft is utilising OpenAI’s next-generation ChatGPT technology in its Bing search engine and Edge web browser, exerting enormous pressure on Google.

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