The different types of advertisements that may appear in YouTube videos should be made clear before discussing the various methods by which you may obtain an ad-free YouTube experience. When it comes to YouTube ads, not all ad-blocking solutions are created equal. Still, the ads that you have to manually skip or that otherwise interrupt your viewing are our primary concern. There is currently no workable solution to the problem of advertisements embedded within videos that are paid for by their sponsors.

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Get YouTube Premium for a fee.

You can remove YouTube commercials in the simplest and most reliable way possible in this way. If you subscribe to either the individual or family YouTube Premium plan, you’ll never see an ad while watching a video unless the creator specifically includes one.

You can watch ads-free videos and listen to music without interruptions when you upgrade to a YouTube Red subscription. The plan designed for families is especially affordable. The solution is set it and forget it, and it will work on any device you use to watch YouTube.

The best part is that YouTube and its content creators still get paid for your views. Because of this, you won’t be subject to the tracking practises that are commonly associated with advertisements.

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Mobile applications that block advertisements

Ad blocking apps are a great way to avoid seeing YouTube ads on your mobile device. Several choices exist, but they are typically inaccessible except as side-loaded apps on Android. App sideloading is not possible on iOS devices unless they are jailbroken.

Although it may sound outlandish, you can actually watch YouTube videos on non-YouTube apps. Because Google doesn’t particularly support this method, no such apps will be found in the Play Store.

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This free and open-source alternative to the YouTube app allows you to filter out content based on your preferences, such as videos with low viewership or many negative comments. The official app doesn’t give you the ability to customise your YouTube experience, but this one does. You can blacklist or whitelist channels, filter videos based on your preferred language, and more. SkyTube, like NewPipe, doesn’t use any Google APIs or code, so it can be used even if you don’t have a Google account, and there are no ads.

Install an ad-blocking add-on on your web browser.

If you don’t want to pay for YouTube Premium, a good adblocker is your best option. Adblockers, software installed on a user’s computer to prevent the display of advertisements, are already widely used. On the same principle, an ad-blocker for YouTube can be used to avoid commercial interruptions.

In order to watch videos on YouTube without interruption from advertisements, you need only install a browser add-on designed for this purpose. Effectiveness of adblocking extensions for a given browser may vary, but a good one will block ads from loading on every YouTube channel.

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You Tube Ad Blocker

You’ve probably heard of Adblock Plus, which blocks advertisements when you’re browsing the web in general. This extension allows you to block all YouTube advertisements, including those that are uploaded by users.

Adblock for YouTube

Adblock for YouTube prevents you from seeing ads in banners, pop-ups, annotations, and pre-roll videos. This add-on blocks advertisements by using a predefined list of domains to bypass. This means that any advertisements that do not originate from the approved sources will still be shown. Updates typically come quickly, though. Reviews from users indicate that this blocker is still effective, despite YouTube’s best efforts to counteract it.

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