These are my own views and opinions, and I cannot guarantee that you will make money with any of these applications.

As a mother, I recognise the value of our limited time. As a result, I tested a range of survey websites so that you can choose which ones are worth your time and which ones you should avoid.

According to my own study, Qmee, InboxDollars, and Survey Junkie pay the most, have the best user experience, and have minimal cashout restrictions.

How To Get Started With Online Surveys

Finding survey sites that are trustworthy and offer prizes for completing surveys is the first step to earning money with online surveys. There are numerous online survey companies that provide prizes such as cash, gift cards, and points redeemable for products and services. Sign up for a few survey sites you prefer and begin taking surveys once you have found them.

Be Accurate in Your Survey Answers

When completing online surveys, it is essential to be truthful and offer accurate information. Companies rely on your sincere responses to improve their products and services.

If corporations discover inconsistencies in your responses, they may exclude you from future surveys or withhold payment. Before answering any of the questions, be sure to read all of the instructions carefully.

How to Make Money with Qmee

What is Qmee

Qmee is a survey software that compensates its users for providing feedback on particular themes. Participating in online surveys and answering a few fast questions is a simple way to earn some extra cash. Sign up for the app and build a personalized profile is all that is required.

Once your profile has been created, Qmee will match you to surveys based on your likes and choices. You will be asked to respond to survey-related questions and provide commentary.

After submitting the survey, you will receive cash rewards in your Qmee account, which you can later transfer to PayPal or your bank account.

I Signed Up for Qmee and Here’s What I Found

So, a confession: I’ve been using Qmee for some time. I have no idea why, but I truly enjoy Qmee. I believe they offer reasonable payouts and that their cash out is not excessively high.

I needed additional money and wanted to save for a new Apple Watch in November 2020, so I completed a number of surveys and cashed them out for Target gift cards.

I earned close to $400 in November through completing surveys. Not a lot of money, but when I was pregnant and our salary was $400, it was sufficient. Since I cashed out in Target gift cards, the money simply fueled my Target shopping obsession.

You can withdraw funds from PayPal and have them put directly into your bank account. Need $400 more to pay rent this month? Perhaps Qmee has your back.

How to Make Money on SwagBucks

Paid internet surveys are a simple and convenient way to fill your pocket with extra cash. PayPal can be a useful tool for launching this financially lucrative endeavour.

Sign up for the appropriate survey businesses and follow their instructions to link your PayPal account so that your earnings are deposited immediately.

I Tried Swagbucks, Here’s What I Found

I registered for SwagBucks and was immediately stunned by their website. There are SO MANY ways to earn Swagbucks, which can be redeemed for PayPal cash.

I completed one survey in 5 minutes and earned 30 SwagBucks. That is equivalent to three cents, which is not worth my time. Their surveys pay relatively little.

I plan to use SwagBucks to connect to the sites where I already make frequent purchases. For example, they offer four SB for every dollar spent on That’s not much, but it’s free, so I’ll sign up and let that accumulate over the next year or two.

SwagBucks Referral Program

Refer friends to Swagbucks and earn 300 SB (about 30 cents) plus 10% of their lifetime points.

How to Make Money with InboxDollars

What is Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is an online platform that allows users to earn money by performing a range of chores. This includes completing surveys, watching films, playing games, and online purchasing.

With more than 17 million users, Inbox Dollars has become a popular site for those seeking to monetize their spare time. Every completed activity pays the user a monetary incentive that can be redeemed in a variety of ways, making it simple to convert idle time into income.

I Tried out Inbox Dollars, Here’s How Much I Earned

After signing up with Inbox Dollars, I was prompted to complete my profile setup for $0.50. This operation took me less than five minutes, and they added the funds to my account immediately.

Their cash out cap is $15, thus I must continue to complete chores in order to withdraw that amount.

These are the surveys, along with their duration and compensation.

A tonne of cash? Well, it’s still not enough to cash out, but if you’re currently earning $0 each hour, $10 is very excellent.

How to Make Money with PrizeRebel

Prize Rebel is a rewards programme that allows users to earn points by completing activities such as surveys, games, and offers.

The accumulated points can then be exchanged for PayPal cash or gift cards from famous brands such as Amazon, Starbucks, and iTunes.

This rewards programme is an excellent way to make extra cash because all of the tasks are simple and take no effort.

Signing up for Prize Rebel takes only the user’s name and email address, making account creation quick and simple.

I Registered for PrizeRebel, and Here’s How Much I’ve Earned So Far I made no money. During the registration process, they requested the birthdates and addresses of my children. I’m just not comfortable disclosing this information, thus my hunt for it on this site ended here.

How to Make Money with OpinionOutpost

What is OpinionOutpost?

Opinion Outpost is an online survey community that offers members the chance to earn money and rewards in exchange for their candid feedback.

Through Opinion Outpost, subscribers can get surveys by email or by logging into the website. In exchange for their feedback, participants have the option of receiving cash or reward points redeemable for gift cards from well-known businesses.

This platform is free and easy to join, making it a fantastic option for people to earn extra money while voicing their opinions on many trending issues.

Opinion Outpost provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to influence the future of the products and services that people use on a daily basis, as member feedback enables businesses to enhance their offerings.

I Tried OpinionOutpost and Here’s What I Found

OpinionOutpost requires my address as part of the account creation process. I acknowledge that this is necessary for them to ensure that I receive only relevant surveys. I went ahead and provided my address so that I could proceed and examine the contents for you.

I had to validate my email address, and the verification email got up in my spam bin, so if you sign up, keep this in mind.

Before you may participate in surveys, you must go through a qualification process and fulfil each of the following categories:

They do pay for them, however keep in mind that 10 points equals 1 cent, so you only earn a half-cent for some of them.

I completed a category so that I could see what was hidden behind the wall.

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