Google’s experimental artificial intelligence tool, Bard, now has new features that help with writing and making software.

Bard now has things like “code generation, debugging, and code explanation” because of the company. Google says that it now has methods for Google spreadsheets as well.


A Google blog post says that this was done because users of the AI robot had asked Alphabet’s Google, which owns Google, to add these features. The tech giant had said before that they would be added.

Google said that Bard’s new ability to explain code could be “especially helpful” for people who are new to programming or who need “some extra help to understand what a block of code might do.”

Google said that Bard is “still an early experiment” and that the chatbot “may sometimes give inaccurate, misleading, or false information while presenting it confidently.”

Photo of the Google sign outside of the buidling.

“When it comes to coding, Bard may give you code that works but doesn’t do what you want, or code that isn’t the best or isn’t finished,” the company said. “Always check Bard’s answers twice and check code carefully for errors, bugs, and security holes before relying on it.”

Google said, however, that it thinks the new coding tools “can help” people with these kinds of projects.

The tech giant says that they will work with Python, C++, Javascript, and more than 17 other computer languages.

A month ago, Google gave more people access to the chatbot, starting with people in the U.S. and U.K. The change comes a month after that. Bard was first shown off by the tech giant in February. At first, only “trusted testers” could use it.

Google has been competing with Microsoft and OpenAI in the field of AI. This company, which is backed by Microsoft, made a famous chatbot called ChatGPT, which has been in the news a lot in recent months.

ChatGPT and Bard AI

Some companies, like Expedia, Snapchat, and Salesforce, have started to offer services that are powered by ChatGPT.

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai said on an earnings call on February 2, before Bard was released, that AI was the “most profound” technology the company was working on. He said that Google is “continuing to invest” in AI and that people would “see a lot from us in the next few months” in this area.

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