A few information remain to be revealed about the Galaxy S23 series, despite the fact that we already know a great deal about it. First, Evan Blass has unearthed photos depicting the hero colour for each phone. Clearly, these are meant to direct people to the pre-order pages once they go up.

Botanic Green is the favourite colour of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. The Galaxy S23 enjoys Cotton Flower, but the Galaxy S23+ prefers Misty Lilac. According to what we’ve seen thus far, the three versions will be available in the same four hues (the fourth being the usual Phantom Black). View additional photographs here. In addition, Samsung.com typically offers unique hues, but these four are reserved for carriers and merchants.

Moving on to hardware specifications, the displays on all three Galaxy S23 variants will have a maximum brightness of 1,750 nits. The Galaxy S22 Ultra and S22+ are likewise capable of reaching 1,750 nits, however the smaller S22 is limited to 1,300 nits.


Finally, a list of the picture sensors that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will utilise. Clearly, the 200MP ISOCELL HP2 will replace the 108MP HM3 in the main module. Sony IMX563 will be replaced by IMX564 in the ultra-wide module, while the 3x and 10x telephoto modules will continue to use the same sensor as before (IMX754). As you may already be aware, the resolution of the front-facing camera is falling to 12 megapixels, with an ISOCELL 3LU sensor replacing the GH1 (the S23 and S23+ will likely utilise the same sensor).

In case you missed it, Galaxy S23 Ultra camera samples demonstrated its low-light photography capabilities earlier today.

The Galaxy S23 series will be introduced next week, with pre-orders beginning immediately (well, you can already book a unit, but that is more a case of securing an early bird discount rather than a proper pre-order).

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