How to Use The MW2 Weapon Tuning System?

How to Use The MW2 Weapon Tuning System?

The release of the most recent Call of Duty games brought a brand-new feature. In Modern Warfare 2, Weapon Tuning is one of the newest features. Here is how gamers may access weapon tuning in MW2 because it is a function they will use frequently.

1. Requirements

The desired weapon must be at the initial maximum level in order to enable Weapon Tuning. Once this is done, the player must go to the gunsmith. Any attachments that are compatible with firearms can be equipped and customized to the player’s desires.

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2. The Stats

The following characteristics can be modified when tuning:

3. Handling

faster swapping between weapons and reloading.

4. Damage

Damage the weapon is capable of inflicting

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5. Defend Rate

the speed of fire that the weapon is capable of.

6. Mobility

the average movement speed of players.

7. Range

The maximum shooting range of the weapon. The greater range enables further strikes on targets.

8. Recoil Management

reduces the trembling of the weapon when shooting. The aim is steadier the more recoil control there is.

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9. The Accuracy

the precision of Hip Fire is improved

10. ADS Tempo

How to aim down combat sights.

11. Walking Pace Aim

the swiftness of motion when using down sights.

12. Goal Stable Idle

steady pointing while still in place.

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Why is Weapon Tuning Ineffective?

It’s because the feature is momentarily broken that players are having trouble using or finding Weapon Tuning in MW2. Due to a glitch, players with five attachments on their weapons can cause the game to crash, so Weapon Tuning has been disabled. There is no estimated time for when weapon tuning will be enabled.


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