Google Bard has been in the works for years, but after ChatGPT blew everyone’s minds and started giving Microsoft products like Word and Bing an edge, Google seems to have moved up the release date for its generative AI. Last month, the company gave Bard to trusted in-house testers to try out. Now, reports from users suggest that the chatbot may soon be available to the public.

Some people in the Pixel Superfan programme got an email offering them early access to Google’s large language model. The invite has a link to a form that, according to reports, asks the user to verify their email address. Google says that only a small, “randomly chosen” group of Pixel Superfans will be able to take part.

Users who have received this invitation don’t get access to Bard right away. When they fill out the form, they are told that Google will contact them soon with more instructions. The email says that people who sign up for the early access programme will be able to “get started as soon as Bard launches.” By Google’s standards, this could be any time, but the company has said that it plans to make the tool more widely available to the public in a few weeks.

Bard is supposed to work with Google Search and give you direct answers to your questions instead of a list of links or a Knowledge Graph card. LaMDA is a conversational AI model that Google showed off in 2021.

It is used by the tool to put data from the web into context and give a response in plain English. In February, the company showed some examples, such as a list of the pros and cons of learning piano and guitar and a bulleted list of constellations in response to a question about stargazing.

The Pixel Superfan programme is not currently accepting new members. A recent registration window closed almost as soon as it opened, so if you haven’t received this invitation email, you’ll probably have to wait until the public beta to try Google Bard. If you feel like you’re missing out, you can try out ChatGPT Tasker integration on Android to see how generative AI works.

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