Foldable screens teased us for a long time. They did exist, but they were only shown at trade shows because they were too finicky and fragile to be used in the real world. Luckily, technology caught up with the dream, and companies like Samsung were able to make folding phones available to the public.

Now, we’re hearing that a new Galaxy phone might have next-generation folding technology by the end of 2023.

The current Samsung foldable only fold in one spot. This is a horizontal fold on the Flip, while Fold models have a larger, vertical hinge. But as part of those “look what’s coming next” demos of advanced foldable technology, Samsung has also shown off screens with an extra point of articulation that splits the screen into three panels.

This is basically the same as the Galaxy Fold we know today, but the screen opens up even wider. Yogesh Brar says that Samsung may be rushing to get a new foldable phone with this kind of screen on the market.

Brar doesn’t give a more specific time frame, and even “before 2024” sounds like a guess, but he makes it clear that he thinks the company should be focusing on its next folding phones. That could slow down the development of other things, and Brar says that Samsung is not working on a Galaxy S23 FE.

If true, that sounds like a lot of different things. We like the idea of pushing the limits of foldables, especially since the latest versions of the Flip and Fold are so much better, but we wouldn’t want that to happen at the expense of the next really great and affordable Galaxy phone.

These two things may have nothing to do with each other or just reflect the priorities at the moment. However, this doesn’t mean that an S23 FE couldn’t be made at some point in the future.

We also have a lot of questions about how useful a trifold design might be and, in particular, what kind of effect it might have on the thickness of the phone. At the moment, though, this is mostly just a rumor that hasn’t been proven, so we shouldn’t think too far ahead about what could go wrong.

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