A YouTuber inadvertently recorded his betta fish controlling his Nintendo Switch for hours, altering his user name, creating a PayPal account, and even billing his credit card.

Mutekimaru, a Japanese YouTube channel, routinely showcases the fish, which are able to control actions via motion sensors that detect their movements across squares corresponding to different Nintendo Switch controller buttons.

Although the channel does not explain why Betta fish were chosen to operate the games, it is known that they exhibit intelligent characteristics, including the ability to experience sadness.

By swimming around in their aquarium, the gaming fish have beaten various Pokémon games. The channel has fish named Maurice, Moo, and Ponyo. Lala, the fourth fish, died in September.

CNN claimed that during a webcast of the fish playing Pokémon Violet earlier this month, the owner took a break from the screen. Due to a bug, the system exited the game and returned to the home screen.

However, the fish retained possession of the Nintendo Switch. In the next hours, the fish altered the owner’s Switch name, downloaded a new avatar, created a PayPal account (and emailed the owner about it), and even read the terms and conditions on the Nintendo eShop.

“Fish read the terms and conditions with eagerness. Few humans read the terms of service, but fish are wiser than we are “In a video review of the incident, one caption read.

The fish also added 500 yen, or $4, to the Switch account while exposing his credit card information to his audience, which had been watching his actions during his absence.

The video was hilariously captioned, “This is the world’s first frightening footage of a pet fish making a purchase with its owner’s credit card.”

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