Bugs and crashes in apps are extremely infuriating, and they have unfortunately become commonplace. You are not alone if you have recently encountered this issue when using the TikTok app; the company has received many complaints along these lines. To put your mind at ease, we have compiled the most practical options for preventing your TikTok account from being reset without your knowledge or permission.

TikTok’s Constant Resets and Their Causes

Insufficient storage space on your device, an out-of-date app, a slow network, a bug on the TikTok server, or a problem with your phone’s software or hardware could all contribute to this.

  • First things first: defining “TikTok resetting”. When a TikTok user says their account keeps getting reset, it means the account has been reset to its original, unaltered state.
  • This means that neither the For You page nor the algorithm’s suggestions will be based on anything you’ve indicated an interest in.
  • If you want to know what will be recommended to you on the For You page, you can trust the TikTok algorithm because it is very smart and considers a lot of different factors.

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Among these are:

What you’ve watched all the way through on TikTok, including videos you’ve liked and commented on before

TikTok users that you follow and engage with through favorited videos and comments.

Your own content Your own searches and lots of other stuff you do on the platform

TikTok’s For You tab — explain.

  • Users are greeted by the For You page as soon as they launch the app.
  • It’s like having a personalised homepage, except that no two For You pages will ever be the same.
  • An algorithm analyses the user’s preferences and then creates videos that are similar to or related to the ones the user has already watched.
  • For You is curated by TikTok based on your preferences and activity on the app, including the videos you like and share, the accounts you follow, and the content you upload to your own profile.

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When I try to upload a video, TikTok crashes.

Since its debut in China, TikTok has been the most downloaded app by far. TikTok, seeing such a large audience in front of them, prioritised their users over fixing minor issues. Both you and TikTok may be responsible for problems with the app.

However, if one does not know how to deal with even a minor problem, it may lead to significant disruptions in one’s day. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of quick fixes to implement if you’re having trouble with TikTok’s reset function. You should first try restarting the programme to see if that helps before trying anything else.

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Please restart your phone.

If you’re having trouble with the TikTok app, try turning off your device for a few seconds, waiting for the screen to go black, and then turning it back on.

If your TikTok keeps resetting, try restarting your phone. This will clear out any cached data, free up RAM, end any background tasks, etc. After the phone has finished restarting, try opening the app again to see if the problem still exists.

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Empty the Phone’s Memory

When your phone runs out of storage, which can happen occasionally, you can fix the problem by clearing out old files, such as videos, photos, and apps.

When you use the internet or a mobile app, you generate temporary data and files that you don’t need and often leave them on your device.

When your phone’s storage space is full, unwanted data builds up and causes lag and other issues, like the constant resetting of apps like TikTok.

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Eliminate All TikTok Cache Files

  • If none of the preceding methods helped, you can try erasing the app’s cache to see if that does the trick. There is a persistent cache that all apps use to progressively enhance their user experience.
  • The software is not spying on you because it remembers your preferences for the next time you use it; rather, it is tailoring its operations to your unique needs.
  • If you own an Android device, you can wipe the cache by following the steps below.
  • Get started by going to your phone’s Settings > Apps & Notifications.
  • To access TikTok, simply look it up in the list of currently available programmes.
  • Access Clear Cache by going to Storage & Cache.

Last but not least, close the programme entirely by selecting Force Stop. Try starting the programme normally to see if the problem persists.

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